Monday, March 06, 2006

Facing the Truth

I've just had the privilege of watching a remarkable piece of television over two nights. Under the chairmanship of Desmond Tutu victims and perpetrators from the Northern Irish conflict have sat down opposite each other, told their stories and asked questions of each other. The programmes were full of little, hard-won miracles of understanding. The remarkable Tutu blessed the various encounters with his beaming smile and well-measured words of encouragement.

Tutu himself interprets the truth and reconciliation process as the outworking of Ubuntu: the concept that "I need you to be you, so that I can be I". None of us can live isolated lives; the fabric of communication when rent must be attempted to be re-woven. And this for Tutu is the outworking of Gospel Truth. How impressive to see Christian faith engaged with the profoundest of healing processes. Here was salt and light for the world.


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