Sunday, March 12, 2006

Toddler Theology

My wife is reading a lift-the-flap Bible story book with my two-year-old. They come to a picture of Mary and the baby Jesus.

"Jesus came out of Mary's tummy," says my wife.

My son is scornful. "Jesus came out of God's tummy".

Perhaps nonsense to most of us, but not so to the 17 bishops attending the Eleventh Council of Toledo (675) who began the account of their proceedings by restating their belief in God as Trinity.

Included within their Creed was the phrase that Jesus was born of the 'womb of the Father' (de Patris utero).

"We must believe that the Son is begotten or born not from nothing or from any other substance, but from the womb of the Father, that is from His substance."


At 12:49 am, March 19, 2006, Blogger Lou said...

two year olds are amazing.

i once heard a guy preach about his toddler, their conversation went something like this:

toddler: daddy, where is God?

dad: where do you think he is?

toddler: (points to his heart) i think he's in here

dad: and what do you think he's doing in there?

toddler: i think he's building a heart castle

how cute is that?!


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