Friday, May 05, 2006

Faithful Art: Trinity II

My fellow Chaplain, Sabine, and I paid a visit to Sue Batchelor this morning to look at some of her art work with a view to hanging some pictures in the Chaplaincy.
I've loved Sue's work since I first saw it hanging in St John and St Stephen's Church (seeing it was a great reason to stay - how many churches these days value the visual arts?).

This work is entitled Trinity II. There's a strange mixture of shared pain - the interpenetration of the red/blue drops between the Crucified Son and the Father (who 'lifts up' the Son - perhaps a play, as in John's Gospel, upon the dual sense of the 'lifting up' crucifixion/resurrection of Jesus). Then there's also joy - not just the wind-blown allusions in the surmounting figure of the Spirit (a hint too of those pesky minute mustard seeds that Jesus tells us are a parable of the Kingdom) but also the way the picture even looks like a figure on a slide...

Some of her work is available on blank cards here.


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