Thursday, October 08, 2015

A Chaplaincy Weekly thought

What can you see? A duck or a rabbit? Or both...?
I joined a group of charismatic Christians earlier this week to pray. OK, it wasn't really my cup of tea: I'm normally a sit-on-my-own-in-silence kind of guy. A classic introvert contemplative.

Nevertheless, I found myself moved and reinvigorated just by being around these Christians. With their prayers and words of prophecy they jolted me out of my less spiritual way of 'seeing', and helped me to 'see' the world again afresh as the place where God is at work.

It struck me that one of the things that worship is for is to change us: to remind (literally re-mind) us of the spiritual dimension. Often 'normal life' blinds me - robs me - of wonder, trust, and the memory of God.
But being with other Christians, speaking their language in song and prayer, 'woke me up' again, helped me again to 'see Christian-ly'.
Duck or rabbit: Is life 'normal', is life 'holy'; or is it both, depending on how you see?


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